Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Toy Room Upchuck!!!

Our basement is finished. We have a den, bar area, bathroom, spare bedroom and a toy/bed room.  The toy room will eventually be one of the kid's bedroom when they get older, or at least I assume they will want to move downstairs for a little more freedom and privacy.  However right now it is a toy room and it looks like it took one huge upchuck!!!! There is crap everywhere, and that is exactly what it is CRAP!!! There is toys that haven't been played with in ever and stuff everywhere.  The only time the kids go downstairs is when we are down there.  I would not care one bit if they went down there on a daily basis and played, but they don't. 

So we are on a mission to clean up this room and get more use out of it!  The toy room is going to become a spare bedroom / toy room all in one.  We are throwing some stuff out!!!! And the spare bedroom is going to become my exercise room!!!!!!!

So here is a glimpse of the Upchuck Toy Room!!!!


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