Thursday, February 28, 2013

Downhill From Here and Almost Famous

Is it Friday yet!!! This has been on crazy busy week!  Monday afternoons is gymnastic day for Maddie, Tuesday afternoon I went to a kids consignment sale, Wednesday afternoon, had to get the roots did (get rid of the greys) and the series premiere of Duck Dynasty, Thursdays is always busy helping Carter study for his weekly tests, Friday I don't think we have anything other than packing for a weekend trip for Chris and I.  We are going to Lexington, KY to a concert the fair well tour of King George, George Strait that is!! I am not much on country at all, at least country that is really slow. I do love me some Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Trace Adkins,  however I have always liked George!  Plus a friend asked us to go so it will be a fun weekend for just Chris and I. Martina McBride is with him and I do really like her!!!

On Tuesday coming home from the consignment sale, I hit something in the road and tore a piece of molding off my SUV. I was so sick!!! Like I vomited in the driveway sick!! But all is well, went by the dealership and they are ordering the part that is going to cost only $160, I say only because I was expecting around $500!!

And the highlight of my week is my Almost Celebrity status!!! Check out, I am faithful reader of Skinny Runner. She is a super fast, motivated runner. Maybe just maybe I will be as fast as her someday. She has ran a ton of marathons.  This past weekend she ran a Marathon on Saturday, that is 26.2 miles and then on Sunday she ran a Half 13.1, now what about that JACK!!!!! She makes me very HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!!

Happy Friday Eve!!!


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