Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Friday Folks!!!

The weekend is finally here!!! Just wished it was going to be warm like last weekend, Come on SPRING!! I am longing for your 60 degree days!! A few of my highlights of the week!

1. My Mom gets Carter chicks every spring and it is really cold here right now and they cannot survive in the garage even with a heat lamp. So Mom put them in a tote to keep in the utility room, but she walked into her den to find Carter with my old Fisher Price barn and fence "herding" the chicks!!

2. These came in the mail yesterday.. SCORE 2 free pair of panties!! I order under my name and Chris's to get double the coupons!!! Woot Woot

3. My Living is being painted and I am beyond excited. It was last painted in 2001...I think it is due a spruce up!!! Plus I love the smell of fresh paint, makes everything smell clean!  Plus it caused me to do some deep cleaning of baseboards, wash all trim in order to be painted and wash curtains!!! Orignal color Muffin Tan, new color Creme Liqueor, pictures next week after I get it all back together, with my camera instead of my phone!

4. This always makes for a good morning!

5. Hoping to do a little of this, this weekend!!


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