Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Recap!

Not much happened in my little corner this weekend. Chris had to work all weekend, and we much pretty much laid back and took it easy.  My highlight of the weekend was I got my hair done. Got me a few highlights!

My highlights!

New dress I got at Old Navy, I love it!!!! I have got to get me a
floor length mirror!!!

Carter and I at his 3K run for Kids only, that he placed 5th overall out of 40
kids!!! He is in the 2nd grade and it went all the up to 5th graders!!
Talking about a super proud Mommy!!

Carter with his coach Lily!

Carter bottle feeding his calves! With is Turtle Man hat on!

I love footed (is that a wordLOL) pajamas!!!
Happy Monday to ya!!! And Happy Short Week!!!!!


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