Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Birthday Weekend

My birthday was January 11. I turned the big 3-5.  The only advantage to turning 35 is I am now out of Jessica's (bff) age group in running! I normally don't mind numbers but 35 is kind of different, it is really close to 40! And 40 will be here before I know it!

On Thursday, my Momma, Jessica, Katie, Teri, Erica, Ashlee, Summer all met at the Mexican Restaurant.  It was really good! I was treated with some really nice gifts! I received a Candleberry candle, some earrings, some running shorts and top and some awesome hot pink Swiftwicks socks.  I love those socks, best running socks ever!!!

And instead of cake Jessica brought me......DONUTS!!!! She knows the way to my heart...or belly!!!

I also share a birthday with my co-worker, Ashlee she is the best!! She said I was her right arm, so I guess she is my left!!! And yeah she is just a young punk...so young she was my student when I was teaching!!!

The Hubs, me and another couple headed South on Friday to Tunica, MS to try our luck at the slots and card tables....more on that later!!!


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Ashlee @ ashleenikol.com said...

Ooohhh a young punk! I'll take it!