Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Back up to Speed

Wow didn't realize it had been this long since I was last here!!!! The weather here in South Central KY this year has been brutal!!! I am so over it and ready for spring!!  I think everyone is.  If our kids goes the rest of this week, it will be the first full week since Christmas break! Keeping our fingers crossed for no more Snow days!!!!  I know my kids may think differently but they don't understand the consequence!

Here are a few pics to bring everyone up to speed of what has been going on in little neck of the woods!!!

Carter has been playing basketball and his team won the tournament!!! He has improved since the very first game!! He really likes playing and I hope he continues with it!

When the kids are out of school, they stay with my Mom.  And by day 4 they were getting rather anxious, so Nana got creative with Maddie and brought out all my old paperdolls!!! Maddie loved them!!! I walked down memory lane when I got home that afternoon. I remembered everyone of them after seeing them!

During one of our snows, we got the RZR out and went sledding with it!!! We went and picked up our cousin Kendall and he had a fun day of sledding with us!!!

We finally got to celebrate the 100th day of school.  We did 100 Faces of Maddie!! On the front of her shirt it says 100 Faces of Maddie and has 20 pictures and on the back there is 80 pictures of Maddie!! From birth to present!! I think it turned out really cute! It was a big hit at school.  Thanks to Nana...this was a snow day project for Maddie and Nana.

And lastly.....warmer temps mean off the treadmill!!!!!! I love my lunch hour runs!!! I can tell I was much slower yesterday.  That is what almost 2 months of treadmill running will do for you!!! I think the treadmill is better than nothing, and it does burn calories but it will not train you for any races, unless they are super flat!!!! And in our little town there is nothing flat about it!!! On the course that I normally run there is only about 2 miles all together that is flat!!!!


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