Friday, March 21, 2014

Lets Get Movin'

In my hometown we are have a racing series going on.  The School Board of Education and Jessica's Dance Center is responsible for putting it all together and then there is a business that sponsors each month.  Each month there is a themed 5K for only the residents of this county and for those who may live out of county that work in this county.  In March the race was called the Leaping Leprechaun.  Each race is timed and awards are given to each age group.  There is a triple crown, for the months of April, August and December and if you win your age group those three months then you are entered for a Hibbetts gift card!  The race fee is only $5 and $2 for students and you get a dri-fit tech shirt!!! Plus it is 5 minutes from my house so you don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to get there!! So it is a win win!!!

This past weekend was the second race, it was held at 4:00 in the afternoon which turned out to be great because the weather was so nice!!!  And the turnout was great!!! There was around 80 people that showed up to participate!!! I think that is great for residents and workers only!!!

 Maddie had talked about the Kid's Fun Run all week.  It was 2 laps around the football field....she didn't make it one!!! Bless it's bones!!!! I walked the rest of the lap with her!!

After I finished.  I had a very heated finish with a guy and we were in a dead sprint for the last tenth of a mile and I was done!!!  BTW he got me by 2 seconds!!!!
Jessica and I with our boys!
Jessica, Kandis and I.....we all took home 1st in our age groups!!!!!
 Carter likes being with the older girls!!! LOL And must I say he smoked our tails today!!! Kid hasn't ran since October and he ran a 23:49!!! He got 5th overall and 2nd in his age group!!! Can you say one proud Momma!!!!!!
 My age group winners.  My time was a 28:21, not the best but okay for my first 5k of the year and certainly okay for having run 16 miles the day before!!! I will also add I was 14th overall..... I will take it!!!
 My Momma, me and Carter.  My Momma is one amazing woman. She is 61 years old,(please don't kill me Momma for putting that out in blog land)  has lost over 70lbs and is now running a 5k!!!! Her fastest time has been in the 37 minute range.  At this race she ran a 39:29!!!! She won first in her age group as well!!!! I am very proud of her and ALL her accomplishments!!!!

More to come on the Let's Get Movin Race Series!!!!!!! Hoping to win that Triple Crown!!!!


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