Friday, December 20, 2013

The Bourbon Tour

About 2 months of ago, Chris, me and two other couples went on a Bourbon Distillery tour.  Ya see KY is where that bourbon you love so much is made from, at least the majority of it or the more popular ones anyway!! We toured Woodford Reserve, Four Roses, and Wild Turkey.  We aimed to also tour Makers Mark, but time got away from us.

 We all met in Louisville at our hotel, The Brown, which is located downtown.  A very swanky establishment if you will! And then we all piled in a stretch limo!!!! Yeah none of us wanted to drive since we get to taste test at each distillery after the tour.  It was a very fun and informative day!!! I highly recommend if you get the opportunity to tour any of these distilleries that you do so!! I learned that the WoodFord Reserve was the most toured attraction in KY in 2012!!! Just think all that bourbon that is sold all over the world is made right here in my little home state!!!

Outside of the Distillery where thousands of barrels of bourbon are aging.

 Barrels are stacked from the floor to the ceiling. The aging process.

 The Yeast stage......... this really stinks!!
These barrels are waiting to be filled.
This was inside of Four Roses Bourbon Distillery, located in Versailles, KY
Bet you can't guess where this was......Yep at Wild Turkey!!!
I LOVED these rocky turkeys!!! They were so much fun!!!
Chris jumped on behind me and and at one time we had it on its back rockers, standing straight up!!!
The Wild Turkey distillery was very modernized!  It was very neat as well.  But probably my favorite of the 3 that we were able to visit was Woodford Reserve.  I liked the history of it and seeing inside the distillery where all the barrels are housed for the aging process.
So if you are ever in the Bluegrass State be sure to check out the Bourbon Trail and if you are a runner there is a race that is called the Bourbon Trail.  It is kind of like a Ragnar, it consists of team of about 12 and you travel in a van. Not sure where the race begins, but I know it ends at Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY.  The race runs by every distillery.  I think that would be really neat!!!


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