Thursday, November 21, 2013

In My Neck of the Woods...

I know it has been forevehhhh since I last wrote a blog post!!! It is called life and it happens.  But since it has been a long time you can bet I have some great stories for you, so sit back, grab some chips and dip, a glass of wine, cold coca-cola or any beverage of choice and enjoy!!!!

I am going to try and do these happenings in chronological order and they will not all be in one here goes!!

**The end of October we went RZR riding in TN. The area we went to is North of Knoxville, it is located off of I75 on the Stinking Creek Rd exit!! Yeah I know what a name!!! The scenery is so pretty and leaves and fall foliage was beautiful.  Next time we plan to spend the night because getting up at 5:30 and driving 3 hours and then riding in the RZR for 8 hours and then riding home 3 hours makes for a VERY long day!

~~ a little blurry it was quite bumpy!!~~

**Halloween!!!! I love Halloween!! Carter wanted to be a Coon Hunter, surprised..uh not me!!! Which was a win win for me, since he goes coon hunting with Chris we had everything. Maddie had no idea what she wanted to be, so we just went to Wal-Mart and looked at the costumes, and she chose a Witch, and she told everyone she was a good, nice witch!!

Maddie and Carter with their ever sweet Great Granny!! My Granny!

** Be sure to check back for the post on the time I crossed the finish line of a marathon but only ran 4 miles!!! I promise you will love it!!!!


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