Monday, April 15, 2013

The Weekend Report

Happy Monday!!! This weekend has been a very good one!!! We didn't do much, just hung out with family and the kids. I believe that is why it has been so good!

On Friday night us four and my parents went to ShoGun's, a Japanese restaurant!  Maddie and my Dad had never been before so the fire was pretty amazing to them both! I think what I like best about going there to eat is all the food that you get to bring home! Leftovers are the best!

Saturday morning I cleaned the house and did laundry!  Chris and Carter went running around for a few hours so it was just Maddie and I.  She helped me with some laundry and making her bed!! She is a big helper!! :)  After I cleaned I thought I would head out and mow the yard!  Call me strange but I love mowing the yard!

My beautiful Crab Apple tree!!!! No filters!

Maddie decided she wanted to learn to ride her bike without any training wheels.  We insisted that she was too little, but she INSISTED that she wasn't!!! So Chris took them off.  After about 30 minutes if assistance, she HAD it down pat!!!! She was still a little shaky on taking off and using the breaks, but she did it!  We had to take the bike down to my parents so she could show Nana and Grandaddy! She was so proud of herself.  Chris and I were too, but I told him it makes me sad at the same time, that is one of last steps in being a little girl! My baby is growing up!!!  And yes I totally failed with no pictures!! :(

Sunday after church, Jessica and I had our last big run to do before the Half that we have in 2 weeks. We ran 10 miles.  And for the most part it was 10 good ones.  At mile 9 I was ready for it to be over and for sure at 9.5!!!


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hi! I'm from malaysia! N i'm blogwalking! Lovin' your blog! nice blog! ;)