Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Long Run / Farm Life

Sunday was a long run day for Jessica and I.  It was such beautiful weather! We ran 8 miles.  We took it slow and didn't get in any hurry.  We said before we left that we just wanted to enjoy being outside and not worry about any time.  So it was a very slow pace, no 5k pace or anything.  However I ran in my new Mizunos and the longest run that I have done in them is a 4 mile run and these 8 miles rubbed 2 blisters!  I am hoping that they will heal very quickly!

After our run, I went home and we fed our 40 Holstein calves.  Chris and Carter are partners on the calves.. 50/50.  Yes Carter paid for half of the calves!  His 2 grandpas has either given him calves or raised him a calf since he was a baby and we have put the money in Interest earning CDs.  It was time for the CDs to renew so we decided to cash them out and really invest the money.  We asked him if he wanted to do that and after discussing with the Grandpas, they thought it was very wise decision.  It was a win win situation!  My daddy decided not to purchase any calves this year so we are using his land to run the extra calves on.  Usually we only purchase around 15-20 each spring, so this year they bought 40! Carter is in Heaven!!! He feeds everyday with Chris, wades the mud, poop and all.  He loves to doctor them!  He is always wanting to give one a shot!! Maybe he will become a Vet someday!!!!  Now Maddie....she likes to look at them from a distance!

 Carter checking them out!!! Probably wondering if one needs a shot! LOL
This is only part of them, the rest of them are in the field in the distance, you can see some little black and white dots!


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