Monday, July 11, 2016

Time to Get With It

I have always had to be mindful of what I eat.  I was never one of these that could just eat and eat and never gain a pound.  Chris can eat whatever he wants and not gain an ounce.  He probably weighs the same as he did on our wedding day. Not me!!

The end of 2015 was the heaviest I had ever been minus the two times I was pregnant.  I had not been doing any exercise and I was eating pretty much what I wanted.  When I stepped on that scale mid December I was devastated.  I follow several other blogs that promote healthy lifestyles.  One of which you may follow (if you don't I highly suggest) Mama Laughlin.  She is also a distributer for Advocare.

I began researching about the products.  My main venom so to speak is caffeine....Mello Yello!!! I lived off of it!! I have tried to quit it before and could never with stand the headaches.  This is where Spark comes in!!! I'm telling you it is a miracle.  I contacted Brandi and just like that I became a Distributor! I ordered my first set.  I love grape koolaid so I thought I would give it a shot!! And it is the bomb!! LOVE IT!!!! I drink it first thing around 8:30 when I get to work.  I was really expecting a  headache around noon time. Nothing.  4:00 came and Nothing!! No caffeine headache at all!!!!

I am proud to say that since 01/04/2016 I have not had a full can or bottle of MY!! I have had the occasional drink of Chris's or one of the kids, but as far as sitting down and popping the top I have not. 

Some other products that I love from Advocare is MNS C, Crave Check SR and the Herbal Cleanse System.  The Herbal Cleanse is a 10 day cleanse and I lost 4lbs with it. If I can help or talk with you on any of the products please let me know!!!

So from cutting sugary drinks, watching what I eat, and the months of January, February and March I exercised on a regular basis (you know the New Years Resolutions! LOL)   I am proud to say I have lost 16 lbs!!!! I can tell it my clothes.  I really couldn't tell by just looking at me until this past weekend.  I took a comparison picture.  I really wished I had on the same clothes.  I will make that happen soon!!

I can really tell a difference in my legs, thighs and calf area. My face and arms.  I took one of my tummy area and I can see a really big difference there too.  Now it isn't a 6 pack or washboard but its a work in progress, so no pictures of that will be shared :)


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