Monday, February 6, 2012

I think I can, I think I can....

Okay so my favorite blog of all time is Enjoying the Small Things. Kelle Hampton is one amazing writer, photographer, mama, wife, friend, etc!!! She has 2 little girls, Lainey and Nella, and they are very lucky little girls to have her for a mama.  She is the most creative, outgoing, spontaneous person I believe to ever exist.  I would love to be like her, but I am too anal when it comes to some things! She takes some amazing pictures, she has an eye like a hawk!!! And friend, she is a true friend!!!

This weekend was her youngest daughters' 2nd birthday and it was so magical!! She had a Tea for Two! Check it out here.

I have 11 months to create a Tea for Five in December. I have already told my 2 creative people, Momma and Ashlee that we can do this and to start thinking of creative ideas for our little tea party!!! Ohhhh I am just sooooo excited!!! But then again I am not either, because that means my little girl, little baby, last baby will be 5 years old........gosh it isn't possible.
tea party


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Ashlee said...

Can't wait for the tea party! It's going to be EPIC.