Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

So I had a great weekend!!!! Got my hair colored and all the grey roots are now gone!!!! Friday night as usual, it was just me and the gal!!! Our boys had gone coon hunting and we did our thing of cleaning a little and then painted finger nails!!! I have had mine painted for about 2 weeks and I am actually liking it!!!
the new hair!!! with my PIC in the background!!!!!

the nails

On Saturday there wasn't much going on then either. The kiddos went with my parents to the Rodeo and Chris worked on our new shed on the side of the barn. So what does that mean for Momma...NOTHING!!! I laid on the couch un-interrupted for about 2 hours and watched what I wanted to on the TV, then made a little grocery store run, came home hopped in the tanning bed, and then back on the couch!!!!!

Sunday morning went to church and then me and 3 of my very best friends went to the movies to see The Vow and eat an Italian Restaurant. The movie was great, however I would not have had any trouble at all falling in love with Channing Tatum!!! ahhhh pure bliss!!!! Kim sobbed all the through it, which is nothing new for all of us, BUT we have never witnessed her blowing her honker right in the middle of the movie for all to hear!!!! We Love you Kim!!!!! After eating we stayed and talked for about 2 hours!!! For me that was the best part of our whole night!!!! We have vowed to make it at least every 2 months date!!!!

Teresa and I!!! Really mad that I didn't get one of all of us!
 Love my Girls, Kim, Teresa and Tracy!!!!


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Ashlee said...

Lookin' good! Look at us working SO HARD!!! Shew, we deserve a raise. HA HA!