Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy 40th!!!

This weekend was a very fun packed weekend!!! One of my very best friends turned the big 4-0!!! Her sister threw a surprise birthday party for her!!! Kim thought a bunch of her girlfriends were going to Nashvegas for a girls night. She had no idea who all was going and how we were going!!! We pulled up in her drive and the driver of our limo, yes limo got out and said Ms. &*******  I have your ride to Nashville awaiting for you, and your could read her lips, she said "IN THAT!!!" so she came running out to find it full of about 10 of her closest friends!!!! Then one of the girls started panicking that she had forgot her wallet and all her money back at her car, we were all like no big deal we can run back by.  Little did Kim know this was all part of the plan!!!! As we were pulling up in the sister's drive Kim hung her head out of the limo to read the signs and to see a roadside of people there to wish her a happy birthday!!!!!! It truly was a great night!!!!
Happy Birthday Kim, Love ya!!!!
our ride

Kim and I

Me and Jessica

some of the girls there to help Kim celebrate!

Kim, me, Teresa, 3 wonderful friends!!!

Kim's high school best friend and Kim's Dad..love the shirt!!!
The Birthday girl!!!

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Sarah said...

OMG A Limo!! I would love that! Never had the pleasure of riding in one! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!