Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pure Bliss....the Beach!!

I know I have not posted in over month...I smacked my hand for you!!!! Sometimes I think I should close my blog, because I never take or find the time to update it. But then I look back at all the previous entries and think of the memories, that I may forget!! So just bare with me, I may be very sporadic!!!

We have just returned from vacation and it was a great one!!! My mom, sister, niece, my two kids and me!!! Carter was the only male, he felt big!!! ha We went to Fort Walton Beach, FL and had a great time!! I really liked this beach since it was not very crowded at all.  With Destin just down the road (5 miles) you still have access to all the eating places and the shopping.

I will quit rambling and let the pictures do the talking!!!

Carter with his new boogie board

Carter and Maddie playing in the sand!

Maddie driving a go-cart for the first time!

at Fudpuckers

Maddie playing on the beach the first day!

Maddie and Riley burying Carter!

Showing some sass!

Maddie dancing on stage at Fudpuckers, she danced for 2 hours!
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Sibiling Love
My sister and niece

My handsome lil fella!

at Fudpuckers

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Me and my babies

My Mom with her pride and joy.....the best Nana a kid could ask for!!!!
We Love you Nana!!!!!

The family
How Maddie felt about all the pictures!!!!

My first time running on the beach!! It was going great, until I went from really packed
sand to really loose sand, and I fell face first in the sand!!!! Yeah I am sure I gave
some morning coffee drinkers sitting on their balconies a good ole belly laugh!!! There was
a lady behind me and she busted out, I laid there buried up and was thinking how in the
world I could get up and go all redneck on her!!!! But I couldn't I just laid there, and finally
laughed at myself!!! LOL Memories!!!!
Maddie watching Carter and Riley in the ocean.



Sarah said...

I would have died... but im used to falling so you know at least you were running on vacation... I would be eating and sleeping and tanning and that IS IT! Glad to see you back!

Nicole said...

Glad to see you back in the blogging world. I used to think a lot about closing my blog because I would go months without blogging, but I'm so glad I continued.