Friday, June 7, 2013

Craziness, I tell ya!!! Hooking up for 5!

Sorry for my absence this week!  It has been one hellava week!!! But aren't they all anymore.  It's called life, and I love it!!!! Here is a bit of a re-cap of all the extras on top of normal stuff like household chores, cooking supper, trying to make sure the kids don't go to bed with too of dirty feet.

 Monday - Carter had ball practice, Tuesday - both kids had ball games, had to be there at 5:30 for pictures, Maddie's game started at 6, Carter's game started at 8. Didn't get home until around 9:30!!!  Wednesday, a special little gal's birthday party!  Thursday - a 5K Glow race in here in my town to kick off Relay for Life, Glowing for a Cure, (that will receive a separate post.....pretty awesome race).  Friday the 400 mile yard sale, runs right through the middle of our little awesome town, so trying to get treasures ready for that!!!!

2 little cuties at the Glow race!!! They did the kids 1/2 mile!!
Carter had 6 boys to spend the night for his Birthday!! Oh whatta night!!!!

Carter cleaned house at Basketball camp!!! 1st in Free Throws, 1st in One on One and 2nd in Hot Shot!!!!

My Daddy met Yogi in the woods!!!!!
I promise to be back a little more regular next week!!! And an update for the 5K from last night!! And you will want to check back in a couple of weeks for some fun posts!!!  Happy Friday!!! 


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