Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 2 Las Vegas

Out and about in Las Vegas on Day 2
In line to go in Pawn Stars!!! We missed our 5 minutes of fame by 5 minutes!!!! They had just closed the shop temporarily for a taping, and they randomly pick and take volunteers to be "costumers" while filming.  We did get to see Rick!!! It is funny, 3 years ago when we went to Vegas for the first time, there was no line, hardly anyone in the store and the Old Man and Chumlee was in the store, now it is a huge tourist attraction!

At Kahunaville again! We opted for a plate of appetizers since it was in the middle of the day!
Lights at night

We loved the Flamingo!

The strip at night!

We stayed at Treasure Island this time and Loved it!!!!

A friend of ours gave us $100 and told us to put it in a slot, one pull, $100 slot. So we did and low and behold he hit!!!!!! Won $500, well $400, I about freaked out!!!!!!! There is no way I could have done that and if I did I would never win!!! I am very conservative with my gamblings, I gambled $50 and held my own for a while, Chris is much more freely with his gambling!!! I like to sit and watch!!!! Roulette is my game!

The Original Vegas Sign!!!


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