Thursday, August 30, 2012

Busy Busy Weekend

Hello Readers!!!

I am only about 3 days behind in posting my recap of my weekend, but I told you I would be back and so here I am!!!! Saying it was a busy one is slightly an understatement. Most of the time we don't have very big plans, but this past weekend, we had 3 events to attend and 2 of them required a 60 minute drive on Friday night and Saturday!

First we attended a Minor League Baseball game!  The kids had such a great time. Chris's work rented 2 suites, so we had good food and a great view of the park.
Carter and Maddie with the Team Mascot, Roscoe!!!
Maddie and I at the game!
Saturday was Chris's company picnic at an amusement park!  Once again the kids a wonderful time riding the rides over and over!  We had to pull them out of the park, they did not want to leave!
Maddie and friend, Alissa riding the elephants!
The kids on the Log Ride, I love Maddie's face!!!

Maddie, Brilee, Carter, & Alissa riding the Dizzy Dragons!

On Saturday night my Dad had his annual Fish Fry! He fishes all spring and summer for this annual event. This year was his biggest attendance at 93!!! Everyone talks about his good fish, hushpuppies and all the trimmings!!!! And not to mention all the desserts that the guest bring!!!

My parents rented a jumpy house for the fish fry this year, this is me and the kids jumping in it the next day! Middle picture: me, Jessica and Connie feeding our faces and trying to decide which yummy dessert we were going to get. We all said we would sample a little of all and just go run the next day, it will be okay!!! ;)  Even though the kids had a jumpy house, bicycles, playhouse to play in, what is better than a dirt box!!!! The kids loved it!!!  My daddy built it for Carter, because he kept on digging in my mom's flower beds. Needless to say he loves it!!!!

Have a good rest of the week!!!


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