Monday, August 13, 2012

What a FUN Weekend!!!

This weekend, was one of the best I have had in a long time!!!!! It involved everything that I love dearly, people and activities!!!!!!!  On Saturday morning, my running peeps and I got up extra early (5:30) to get ready to travel to our first 4 mile race!!!! It was for a wonderful cause. The race was called Run With All Your Hart, in memory of a beautiful girl Sarah Hart. Click on the link to read her story and the outpouring love that the community, State of KY, and the USA has poured out to her!!!!!! All 50 states was represented as registrants and 6 countries!!!!! AMAZING!!! She had 3 beautiful children and was pregnant when she was killed, hence the 4 mile race for all 4 of her children.

Running Peeps...Rebecca, me, Jessica and Kandis all before the race
This race has received a lot of media attention and the 2 largest universities in the state mascots were there to be a part of this wonderful cause. The University of Louisville Cardinal and the University of Kentucky Wildcat!!!!
Rebecaa, THE WILDCAT, Jessica and Kandis
The Cardinal and myself!!

I was so excited, I PR' time was 33:54, 8:28 pace, I was 211th out of 1228 runners. There was a total of 2900+ who particpated, runners and walkers.
THis is a link of my finishline photo!!!!! I was praising the Good Lord!!!!!! ha

After the race, Chris, the kids and I headed out to the lake, sorry no pics!!!! :( It was a great day to sit on the boat and get my tan on and watch the kids splash in the water!!!

On Sunday after church, Chris, Carter and I went Ranger riding!!!! I love riding through the woods, creeks and fields of our pretty county!!!!! Here is a picture of my good friend Teresa and I.  I am so super proud of her, she made it through the ride, without needing to beat Eddie, her hubby!!! haha!!! She had a little stage fright of the Ranger!!!
Me and Teresa
Now I am ready to get this week over with and do it all over again!!!! :)


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Courtney said...

Way to go on your race and what a wonderful cause:)