Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's for Supper!!!!

I hate to cook, there I said it, it is all out in the open for all to know!!!! I guess I need to clarify, I like to bake some fun stuff like cakes, cupcakes, fudge and fix fun stuff to eat, like cheese fries, potato skins, dips that kind of stuff.  I guess really what I don't like is trying to figure out a menu, then get ready to cook and only have a few of the ingredients.  Or fixing something that your family does not like or will snarl their noses at or asking what everyone wants to eat and they all say "it doesn't matter." Then when you fix something they are all like this is nasty!!!!

I was at a friend's house a couple of weeks ago and saw the answer to all my problems, well not all because I don't have a (Ms. Jones) live in cook!! (For all my 50 shaders)!! She had a menu board. It was the neatest thing ever! She said it was pinterest project. She told me how she made it and I took careful mental notes, came home and searched pinterest for it and found it. Here is the link for it to pinterest, but I can tell you step by step, very little money invested!!!

The part that is the most time consuming is fixing your cards.
on one side is the name of the dish you are prepaing

Then on the other side is your ingredients
IE: Potatoes, olive oil, ranch dressing mix, etc
How I fixed mine: I typed the name of the dish on an address label, and then the ingredients on another label, then stuck them to a piece of card stock for the stiffness and then cut out the card stock. So the card is stiff then. If you have access to a laminating machine that would be great as well.

The other items needed is a picture frame either an 11x14 or you can use a long frame that holds 3 4x6's, which is what I used. I purchased mine at the Dollar General for $5!!

2 pieces Scrapbook paper $2.00
Hot Glue Gun
Clothes pins $1.00 for a pack of 20
Either a 16 count crayon box or some cardboard to make one the same size
Letters, or if you can write fancy/pretty, you will not need these $1.00 for a pack of 50

I taped the paper to the backing of the frame, the paper isn't long enough
so where the border is that is where it meets that is where the border is. I used the foam
sticker letters on the border.

The finished product.

I added an extra clothes pin of tastey treats. Here one might
add a cake, desert or just something tastey they
want to cook and too make sure they have
all the ingredients for.

A close up of the clothes pins and the cards, and  you can also
see the box that holds all the cards, so they don't get lost  or
shoved into a drawer. I made mine out of a box that manilla
folders came in and then wrapped it in the scrapbook paper and
taped it onto the frame backing.

I am sure this will not cure your supper fixing blues, but maybe it will help!!!!


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