Friday, October 19, 2012

Pork Chop Supreme

When I was little, this was always my favorite dish.  On my birthday my Mom always knew what to fix for my birthday supper: Pork Chop Supreme, mashed potatoes, cream style corn!!! Along with a Jell-o cake with no icing!!!! I have been craving Pork Chops forever now. I had recently told my Mom that I was going to buy some and have her make me the dish.  But Wednesday night I took the plunge and made them myself! Ya see I am about a 10 meal cooker, I don't curve to much from my comfort zone! 

My Chops all floured up, waiting for the grease to get hot! I am a very messy cook!!!

Frying away!!!! Paula Deen would be proud!!! Not so sure about my arteries!

In the baking dish, covered with mushroom soup and sliced onions, ready to bake for about 20-25 minutes!
Pure home style cooking!!!

This is a plate that sits on my counter in my kitchen, just thought it was appropriate!!
I have to say they were very tasty, and I had some left overs to take to work the next day and they were even better the second day!!!  So Momma I brought my A-game to the kitchen, and I have to say I can give you a run for your money on the Chops!!!!

Maybe you will be seeing more new recipes in the future! I love to print them out and the idea of cooking them, I just hardly ever do it!!! Ashlee knows all to well about this!!

Good thing I am getting ready to start a 12 week weigh in challenge!!! The Holiday Hoo-Rah!!! More to come on that!!!!!


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