Monday, October 22, 2012

Whatta Weekend!

What a weekend indeed!!!! It was wayyyy to short! Lets get down to business!

Saturday I had a 5K; I started out feeling really good, my legs seemed really fast, the course was great, I had ran it before, and everything was going really smooth. I was looking for a PR and as I looked at my Garmin we were at 2.75 miles and a really good PR was within sight!  I was wanting a 25 minute, didn't care if it was 25:59 as long as it was in the 25 minute range.  The last 2 tenths I was getting really fatigued, and I forgot all about an incline right at the finish line and I could not go any harder.  My legs felt heavy and my breathing was terrible.  I had run the hardest I ever had the half mile prior to finishing.  I still finished with a PR but only by 3 seconds. 26:46, was what my Garmin said, however I think it might have been a few seconds less officially, the time was chipped time and the results has not been posted yet.  Jessica had a PR as well.

However the big PR person was my Momma!!! She always registers as a runner so that she can walk some.  She finished with a time of 39:39!!!!!! Her very first 5k was around 50 minutes, so she has improved tremendously!!!

My Mom and I after the race.

Jessica and I after the race

 We are not sure how we finished overall or in our age groups, there was a problem with the results and we stood in the freezing wind for over an hour to find out the results and still didn't find out anything, so hopefully we will this week!

Saturday night we went to a friends birthday party and had a really good time.  Saw some friends that I hadn't seen in a while.

Sunday was a lazy day!  The kids had stayed all night with the grandparents, Chris went golfing and I took a nap!!! And man it was a good one.  Then Jessica and I decided we would go on a good long run, "til the sun goes down" as she said. And that we did, we ran 8 miles and it felt really good. I figured I would be sore this morning, but I wasn't. I used some Biofreeze on my knees last night and all is well today. However I think I am gonna take today off and hit it tomorrow.

The kids played around in the woods with my parents and she sent me these cute pictures!

The 3 amigos! Maddie, Carter and my niece Riley Jo

Peeping out of the Hunting Hut

Carter and my Daddy at the Hunting Hut, trust me they don't rough it!!

Maddie with a turtle and her baby. Actually it is one of my old Cabbage Patch babies!

Carter with a turtle, turning the loose for the winter.


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Courtney said...

Go Mama! That's an amazing improvement! And you--great job friend--we get competitive with our times don't we!:) That's an amazing time, I'm looking forward to running a 5K that fast!