Monday, October 8, 2012

Pumpkin Festival March of Dimes 5K

Our Race was a HUGE success!!!!!!!! I am so very happy with the outcome and the number of people that came out for it!!!! We don't have an official count yet, but I think it is safe to say that we had 125ish runners/walkers!!!!!
I think the easiest way to recap it is with pictures!!!! So beware, picture overload!!! After we get the final tally of how much we will be able to donate to the March of Dimes I will post about that!

Carter and I after the race.

Carter rounding the corner and getting some water!
My awesome little runner!!!!

My Mom, me, my cousin Megan and Carter

My awesome volunteers!
This is the picture that was on Mile Marker 2 in honor of Carter!

another group shot of runners

I was feeling good!!!!!

Carter got 2nd in his age group and was the youngest runner there, his time was 26:34
I won my age group, my time was 26:55! Yes I know my 8 year old son beat me!!!!!

The Runners taking off! The tall guy with glasses was the first place overall winner, with a 18 minute time!!!

My Partner in Crime, Jessica and me!
Carter rounding the corner for the finishline!
Me headed for the finishline!
Group shot of the winners


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Courtney said...

Congratulations Kelly--I'm so glad it was a success and let me just say you are awesomesauce for doing this for the March of Dimes! Great time too;) So happy for you, I'm sure that was a special day!