Friday, August 9, 2013

First Day of School

Oh my, how on earth do I have a Child in Kindergarten and one in 3rd grade!!!! The morning went pretty good until Maddie put that death grip hold around my leg and buried her face in my stomach!!! And que the waterworks!!! For her then me!!! Luckily her teacher from last year was in the classroom & I told her that she was going to have to take her or she would be patting on me too because I was about to be a nut job!!! I left with her bawling! I saw Kim when I left she said she would text me later. She did about an hour later and she said she was fine. I had 2 other "watchers" as well who reported in to me!!! I know it is going to be hard on her this year due to being in a brand new building, different school from Carter and not being around all her little friends. Thank God she has two little friends in get class that was in there last year.

Carter...... Well he was an ole pro!!! He walked in said hey to his teacher and went and sit down. Thank God! Maybe Maddie will be that way soon. It just makes it easier on a Momma's heart!

Their true personalities!!!

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