Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Warriors At Your Stations

This weekend Jessica and I participated in a Warrior Dash!!! It was one of the greatest, funnest, adventurous events that I have ever participated in my life!!!  When we got there we were just so overwhelmed by how many cars we saw.  We went and got our bibs, chip timers, and shirts.  Which by the way I love!!! Our wave wasn't until 11:00. So we had about 45 minutes to kill. We walked around the start area and saw lots of people finishing up their wave and they were super muddy!!!!!  We so wanted to take a camera with us, but there was just no way that we could take one and it not get muddy or get wet.  So we finally realized that we were just going to have to go camera less.  Which was breaking our hearts!

We took our before pictures of us nice and clean, showing off our new custom made headbands!! Jessica had them made for us. Which I think represented us very well.  We did not care about a time, how long it took us or anything, we just wanted to finish with all of our body parts attached and say we earned the "horns"!!!

Here for the HORNS!

We headed over to the starting area about 10 minutes early, and they soon had the countdown for us to begin.  It was about 1/2 mile before we reached the first obstacle.  This was about the only time we ran consistently.  The first obstacle was 3 sets of rolled hay.  You had to jump on it and then down and then jump on it again and then again.  The second obstacle was approaching and we saw a girl with a phone taking a picture of herself!!! We instantly looked at each other like BINGO!!!

So we started chit chattin with her and she said she could take a picture of us if we wanted.  I was like well that is nice but how are we going to get it from you, she said oh I don't care I will email all the ones you want!!! SCORE!!!! So we have tons of us from most of the obstacles!!!

The net was my favorite obstacle!!! When I got to the top I was like oh crap I am getting ready to get shook off this thing.  Because people below us were coming up and it was shaking the net!!  Jessica gave me some of the best advice I believe I have ever received...."Don't let go and you won't fall!!!" Now what do you think about that!!! Ya think!!!!! A dude behind me said now that is the best *&%$%^*& advice I have ever heard!!! LOL LOL!!! I have yet to let her live that one down!!!

One of my least favorite obstacles!  The board was slick and my shoes were caked with mud!

The pit of mud that I almost lost my shoes in!!! Lots of people did and had to dig them out!!!!

This is my favorite picture of me from the entire course!!!

My LEAST favorite obstacle!!!! I have very little upper body strength and this was a challenge for me.  But I made it up!!!

I loved everything about it!!!!! However they ran out of water and we had no way to rinse off before we got in the truck!!!! Sooooooo when we found the nearest car wash we stopped!!! There was a band having a carwash at a carwash and they found it hilarious that we were the ones wanting washed not our truck.  After we were washed, we went to the truck which was pulled in a bay. I opened the front and the back door and was changing clothes.  I had dropped everything from waist down and then Jessica started dying laughing, I mean hyena laughing and I said what....she said look up in the corner and there was a tiny little camera!!!!! I about died!!! Well they got a good show is all I can say!!!!!

One of the best days of my life!!!!!!

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