Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sweet Home Alabama

The end of July we went to Alabama to visit some friends. They live on Lake Martin and it is nothing short if amazing!!! Some of the houses were incredible!!! I can't get over how massive!!! There were several that stands out to me: one had a waterfall in front, one had a cement slide coming out of the house into the water, one all glass in the front, one for sale only asking $26 million!!!! Yeah pocket change!!!

Maddie tubed for the first time and loved it!!! Carter us a little water dog!!! I think I live there!!! Very neat little town!!!

I think this house looks like something straight out of Key West!!! Jimmy Buffett!!!!

Just like the Beach!! Built sand castles, waded and all!!!

$26 million!!!!

Carter's favorite house of glass!!!

My favorite with the waterfall

Beautiful sunset over the pool and lake

One of the many beautiful houses!!!

Enjoying lunch at a neat little lake side restaurant and bar

Boating is rough on a gal!!!

Loving tubing!!!!!!


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