Friday, August 2, 2013

My Weekend!!!....uhhh from 2 weekends ago!!!! I just found this post in my list of posts!

Okay so I am a couple days late on posting about my fantablous weekend!!!  We spent the weekend in Lexington with a friend and I was able to lay poolside all weekend in the magnificent pool!!!!

And on Sunday I went to this cute-as-a-button's Bride to be wedding shower!!!

After returning home from the shower.  My running Bud, Jessica called and asked if I wanted to join in for a portion of her 15 mile run.  She is training for a Full Marathon.  Heck to the no for me on running a full!!!! I told her I was only Half Crazy I will stop at 13.1!!!!!  However I will support her in every way I can and be waiting for her at the finishline!!!! So I and along with others have been jumping in with her on different miles so she doesn't have to run all the time alone.  Kandis and I ran with her yesterday.

It was a very slow, easy pace, 4 mile run, with 150% humidity.  Not the greatest time, but I am just glad to be able to run and to feel good about it.  We just took it easy!!! They photbombed me!!! Notice my barefeet!!!  Well because of two little evil blisters!!! YES!! I got 2 blisters while running the last mile!! URGH!!!!
However going to my running store to see if my gait has changed or what is up and purchase a new pair of running shoes!!!


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