Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sweet Sweet Summer

We had a pretty low key summer. Which is never a bad thing.  The temps here in KY never did get very warm.  But when it did we took every chance we could to get in the swimming pool.  The kids love the water and I love to be a Sun worshipper!!! So it is a Win Win!!!

Maddie loves to play on steps and with her Barbie Dolls.  However she got some of Carter's wrestling action figures out and played with them as well.  Well actually they were Chris' when he was a youngster!  Who knew that Barbie and Hulk Hogan would be swimming together!

Just Floatin!

Yes she is her Mother's child!!! She said look Momma I am getting a tan like you!!! By the end of summer she was the cutest little Coppertone Baby!!!

Spending the day with our Besties at SomerSplash water park!!!! Maddie and Zaylee striking a pose!

When these 4 are together you can bet you will be entertained!!!! It may not seem like fun entertainement at the time, but I can bet we always look back and laugh on it!!! I love how Jessica and my kiddos are so close!!! Notice Carter and Zaylee's hands!!!! There is only 5 years between them...yes now it is a lot but on down the road.....well stranger things have happened!!! ;)


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