Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Filled with Fun!

This was a very fun filled weekend!!! It was the best of both worlds; we had fun all day Saturday and Sunday with the kids, and on Saturday night, Momma and Daddy had a double more like triple date!!! I think it is important for husband and wives to still spend quality time alone together.  Because in a few short years it will be just you when your kids grow up and either go off to college and/or get married. I don't mean not to spend quality time with your kids, because believe me they DO grow up too fast, but don't forget  your spouse.  Before long it will be just the two of you sitting on the front porch swinging.

Saturday morning started out with me cooking some pancakes and sausage for breakfast.  I think everyone approved!!! Maddie ate two pancakes and two sausages!! She is my little piggy!!

Then we rode on the RZR and just enjoyed our day outside!!!! The weather was great and it felt so good to be outside. I love fall and everything about it!!!

Carter and Chris' toys!!!
Sunday was spent very much like Saturday just enjoying our day outside.

Carter riding Trigger in his RZR!! Ruby thinking she might want to ride too!!

Maddie prissing with her "high" heels!!!!
Saturday night us and 2 sets of friends, Jessica & JT and Christie & Jason went to a festival, called the Bourbon Festival.  None of us had ever been before.  I had seen on Facebook where one of my friends said she was excited for the Bourbon Festival.  So I asked Jessica if they wanted to go and Chris had asked Jason if they wanted to go.  The friend's post that I had seen just so happens to be the wife of the drummer of the KY Headhunters.   You see 2 of the KY Headhunters live less than 2 miles from me, Fred the drummer and his brother Richard guitarist/singer. 
Marla, Jessica, Christie and me
My BFF and I
 We wasn't for sure where the festival was so Jessica text the wife and asked her if it was at the fairgrounds in Bardstown and she said no on the town square behind the Catholic Church!!! When we got there and parked I never imagined this many people in my life!!! It was crazy packed!!!
On the bus with the guys, pictured is Richard and lead singer Doug Phelps
With the Hubs
  We got a bite to eat and then she text us again asking if we had made it, we said yes and told her where we were and she said I will be right there.  She brought us 3 backstage passes, we told her there was 6 of us, she said come on up to the fenced off area.  When we got there Fred was there and gave us 3 more!!!  It was the neatest event ever!! The Heads may not be your Luke Bryan of today or Kenny Chesney, but it is very neat to say that they are from your hometown, your neighbors, and former ACM Entertainers of Year!! They still "got it"!!!!!  Some of their popular songs are Dumas Walker, Walk Softly on this Heart of Mine, Spirit in the Sky and my personal favorite, My Daddy was a Milkman!
Before they took stage

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Fred beating on his original band, proudly supporting our county!!!
Some of my favorite pictures from the night!
Fun Times, Fun Friends!!!!
 We have declared this to be an annual trip, if you live close to Bardstown, I encourage you to check it out or if the Headhunters ever happen to be in your neck of the woods, it would be worth your while!!! They put on a great show!!!
 My favorite song My Daddy was a Milkman and a little Shimmy Shake from Richard!!!


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