Friday, December 2, 2011

Pinterest Top 10 "FaVe fRiDaY"

My Friend Ashlee, and I have decided to team up together on Fridays and do a Top 10 favorites of what we have viewed on Pinterest during the week!! Click her name to see what she has chosen and here is my list!! And they are in no particular order because I love them all!! I love pinterest, some of the ideas are so amazing. I get on the site and find myself an hour later still looking, did I say I love pinterest!!!
 1. Candy Cane Centerpiece

2.  Relaxing Bath, what I would give!


 3.  Loving this Outfit


4.  Every Girls Dream


5.  Beautiful Kitchen, Love the Cabinets


6.  Love this Nail Color


7.  How AWESOME is this!!!


8.  Jingle is so going to do this!!!


 9.  Love this adorable picture!!!


10.  I so remember these and I so wanted one!!!! Blast from the Past


Have a GREAT weekend!!!

1 comment:

Ashlee said...

I loooove the Barbie! Bahaha!!
I also looooove that we are doing this. It's so exciting to see what you are going to post.