Monday, December 12, 2011

Week End Wrap

Good Monday Morning to ya!!!!
I hope you had a great weekend!! I did, but like all others, it was waaaay to short!!! This weekend was for the most part laid back, no hustle and bustle. On Friday night Maddie danced at our high school basketball game with her little dance class. They danced to the Christmas song from Alvin and the Chipmunks, it was so cute!!!! Here is a group picture of all the little dancers. They were Chipettes!!!!
Maddie is on the front row with the Santa shirt!!!
That was the first time in about 5 years that I had been in our high school gym, it brought back a lot of memories and it was so good seeing people that I hadn't seen for a while.

On Saturday Chris and one of his buddies took Carter and his son to a UofL basketball game! It was Carter's first college ball game. However it wasn't my team of choice, I am glad he got to go and experience the game and the atomosphere. My house is split, I am UK and Chris is UofL!!!!! However I will cheer for the Cards if they are not playing UK, now Chris on the other hand he is stubborn he is red all the way!!!!! Back to Carter, He LOVED the game!!!! He came home telling me about the Cardinal he saw and about the HOTTTT dancers!!!! He said that he wanted his picture made with one of them but he couldn't get close to them!!! haha Chris took these photos with his phone:
With his new Cards hat!

Their seats!!! Great view!
Maddie and I stayed at home and done some cleaning while they went to the game. We went and did some shopping and ate lunch at the big McDonalds!!! Came home and we watched Christmas movies and Good Luck Charlie all afternoon!!!! For about 4 hours we sat in the recliner and didn't move!!!!!!

On Sunday, it was my Mom's Birthday!!!! After church the kids and me went to her house, where my sister and niece were. We ate lunch, my Granny come over, and we made some Christmas candy! It was a great afternoon. Carter and Riley went exploring (walking through the woods) and Maddie was mad because she couldn't go, so Nana came to the rescue.  She buys Halloween costumes afterwards when they are on sale for 80% off for the kids. I will let the pictures do the talking!!!! I am in trouble!!!!

Maddie and Nana

Maddie and Aunt Susan

Maddie and Momma

She was loving the eye shadow, lipstick and the very strong perfume!! When we got home, Chris told her to get away that she stunk very bad!!! LOL She said it is my Nana's perfume, like that made it all better!!!! LOL
My Momma's Christmas tree

And my wonderful Granny!!!!! She said that was her first self potrait!!! haha, Very hip Granny!!!

Have a Great Week!!!

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