Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sick Babies

There is a nasty stomach virus floating around. Almost everyone you talk to has had or know someone who has had this awful bug!! On Tuesday night early Wednesday morning Chris and I was awoken to what sounded like a water pipe busting and water flowing onto the floor!!! So I got up and ran into the living room and found Carter standing there ....well you can imagine the rest, I will spare you the details!!! Let's just say 7 LARGE bath towels, and 30 minutes later I finally got the mess cleaned up!!! The only positive thing I can say is he made it to the living room onto the hardwood and not one drop was spewed on his new carpet!!

So I crawl back into bed around 2:15ish and Maddie had already came in got into bed with us (almost a nightly routine now). Probably within fifteen minutes she starts heaving from deep down in her little belly!! I pick her up and run her to the bathroom!!! I stand with her as she tries to get it up, after she has calmed down I go and get more towels, and just laid the towels down on the bed from where she leaked a little out. This happened 4 more times!!! Needless to say our bed had a few towels in it come morning!! HAHA

Luckily I can say that 24 hours later all is better, 2 loads of towels are now smelling Downy fresh, clean sheets smelling Downy fresh as well, are back on our bed as well as Carter's and the gut wrenching aroma of vomit has left the house!!!!! AND DON'T COME BACK!!!!!!!!

I hate when my kiddos are sick, it breaks my heart, but what I also hate is waiting and wondering when it will strike me or even worse, the worse patient ever, Big Daddy!!!!!!

I can't do a post without at least one picture......
Maddie with "Auntie" Ashlee at my work, not feeling well at all

Carter and Bones walking through the field
Have a GOOD day!!!

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