Friday, April 13, 2012


So last night was like walking through a warp zone, within a month of being exactly 3 years!!  We thought Maddie had broken her arm!  The kids were helping feed the calves last night when a side door on a gravity bed wagon came down on her little arm!!  This is the exact same thing that happened to Carter almost 3 years ago.  We debated on whether to take her to the ER because she could move her arm, and wiggle her fingers but so could he, it bruised her arm and swelled some, but so did his! However her outcome was a lot better than his, thank God no broken bone!!!

She was a huge hit in the ER, she talked to all of the nurses, showed them her boo boo, her pink muck boots and how they had cow poop on them, told them she was 4, going to school next year, and on and on!!!  As we were leaving she told the nurse she had to have a sticker, and I told her they may not have them here like they do at your doctor's office!! But low and behold they found one for her!

Her boo boo, it is a little bluer than it appears, and she had to have a picture made with her bones!! haha
Bless us if there is another one like her!!!


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Melissa W. said...

Glad she's alright!!

She is such a cutie pie!

Great posts today...I'm only going to comment on this one, but I read all of them!!! : )

Great picture of you three 'all shiny' for Easter!! :-)