Friday, April 13, 2012

Dog or Calf and Diva Dancing

We have a calf that we are bottle feeding and I really think that this calf doesn't realize he is a calf!!! He will follow you around like a puppy!!! However I am getting nervous about the bigger he gets the stronger he gets and he will not realize how big and strong he is and hurt Carter! He has already got him "good" ahem if you know what I mean!! Yep right in the breadbasket!!! Brought the poor boy to his knees and he immediately asked his Daddy "what is this feeling daddy?!!!" Chris and I both could not help but die laughing!!!

So while Carter was finishing up leading Chuck, Maddie decided to put on a little performance for me!!!

Okay you see that she is not camera shy one single bit!!!! She actually LOVES the camera!!! Can ya tell!!! Oh and the pic with the ring she was performing, Single Ladies, the Chipette version!!! ha

But this picture shows her sweetness!!!! Don't let it fool ya though!!!!


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