Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Weekend!

I hope you had a great weekend, I know I did!!!! Just a little wrap up, Jessica and I went and did our KY Derby shopping!!!!  I hope you are planning on to watch it this Saturday around 5ish!!! Or even better attending it!!!!! It is the greatest and fastest 2 minutes in sports ever!!!!! I love horses and this is the absolute best sport to watch and what is even better is being there. Hearing that bugle call them to post and feel the vibration of the ground as they make that last turn, hearing the crowd sing along to "My Old Kentucky Home"!!! Nothing compares!!! We got our Derby hats and our dresses, we will be in the infield this year, so our dresses won't be to dressy, but still fun!!!

While I was shopping Chris had to go on a benefit ride for his work, so the kids stayed at my parents and they went fishing. Maddie is a true fisherman, her stories, and fish size changed every 5 minutes!!!!

On Sunday we went to church came home and the kids has worried the pee out of me to get in the swimming pool, finally I said go ahead and get your little hineys in and I don't want to hear any crying when you are freezing your tails off!!!! Well apparently they took me for my word, because they stayed in for at least 3 hours!!!!! Even though the temperature outside was low to mid 80s, the pool water was a chilly 68!!!! I laid in the lawn chair and watched them play, so I got some wonderful vitamin D!! Maddie has her first little tan line of the year already! Carter's shoulders were red but this morning they were already tan. He gets so dark and has the prettiest color to him!!!
Carter said it felt GOOOOOOD!!!! (I bet)
Maddie said it was a little chilly!!!

Maddie getting brave and leaving the steps, but notice swimmies and
arm floaties!!!!

I grilled some hamburgers and hotdogs while the kids were in the pool and they were delish!!!!

Yesterday afternoon we went over to my FIL's so Carter could ride his dirtbike!!! He loves riding!! He got very muddy!!! I wished I had my camera or phone to have taken pictures while we were riding but I only have the after pictures of him all muddy!!!!


He wanted me to get a close up, notice his skinned knees!!!

Have a great week!!!! Hopefully I will get a good weeks worth of blogging!!!!


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Sarah said...

What a fun looking weekend... Would love to get in the pool... or have a pool for that matter!