Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Bit of Random

Before Christmas we had a special day that we had to celebrate, Maddie's Birthday!!!! She turned a big 4 years old!!! She told her Uncle Dale on Sunday that she was 4 now and she was not a baby anymore and was close to 5!!!! So funny!!! Her party was at Jessica's Dance Studio in her new location, which is great!! And there was a very special guest that came....Cinderella!!! Maddie was soooo excited!!!!

Maddie had to have a little taste as soon as I got it out of the box, notice the "M"!!

New pink Muck Boots!

The holidays are passed us, but it still seems like things have not slowed down any. We had a wonderful Christmas and are blessed beyond words!! My kids got way more than any one kid could ever play with!! Maddie scored big with the Barbie Dollhouse that she wished for, and Carter scored with the racecar track and wrestling cage that he wanted. No not a real cage, but sometimes I wish I could cage him up!! haha no not really, uh yeah really!!!

Our family picture on Christmas Eve, before going to my Grandmothers!
Have a great day!!!

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