Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Going Live on the Air

So one of my very best friends calls me last week with a proposition, to go live on the radio with her as a guest DJ!!! She was like I know you can do this, you like to talk and I really need you!!! So what does a good friend do, I said Yes!!!! So today we took the mikes!!!

The guest appearance on the radio was for our local Chamber of Commerce to promote their membership drive. We have the "Biggest Little Chamber in the Commonwealh"! We were live on the air for an hour and got to play our flavor of music!! Needless to say it was one very fun hour!!!! We had over 38 people/businesses to join during our hour, and I and on behalf of Jessica would like to say THANK YOU for joining the Chamber of Commerce!!

We rocked out to some great music, Mony Mony, These Boots are Made for Walking, For Those About to Rock, I Love Rock n Roll, and for my Momma, some Beach Boys, Barbara Ann and I can't remember the rest!!!!!


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