Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good Luck Charlie

Okay so Maddie loves the television show Good Luck Charlie that comes on Disney, and I can't lie, it is addicting!! I find myself getting involved in the show as much as she does!  She likes to role play when the show comes on she will tell me that I am Amy (the mom) and Chris is Bob (the dad). And it varies as to who Carter will be, between Gabe, and PJ (brothers of Charlie) or Spencer (boyfriend of Teddy)!! Of course she is always Charlie the star of the show!
I can remember as a little girl I loved the show Full House.  I wanted to be DJ Tanner so bad! And it didn't hurt any that she had a very hot Uncle Jessie!! I did the same thing that Maddie does now with Good Luck Charlie!
The Duncan Family
At the end of every episode Teddy, Charlie's older sister, does a little video diary and she teaches her a life learned lesson and signs off every time by saying Good Luck Charlie.  I wished that I would have done that with my kids maybe done a little weekly diary and filmed them every week. I do have more footage of Carter as a baby than I do Maddie which leads me to this post! So hopefully next month kiddos Momma will have a new camera and all I can say is Good Luck Carter and Maddie!!

Teddy doing a video diary


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