Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rambling on and on and on.....

When I sit down to try to think of something to write about today, nothing really comes to mind.  So I thought I would just do a "rambling" post. More less the first thing that pops to mind. So don't be surprised at what you see!!!!

-I have steaks laid out to fix on the grill for this weekend, and I cannot wait!!! Bought some Dale's seasoning yesterday.

-My feet are really cold right now.

-Maddie is probably taking her bath at Granny's right now! She has to take a bath every time she goes and stays at my Grannys!!

-Just found out that the Wizard of Oz is sold out!!! URGH!

-Just ordered some Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets, and it was a very large ordeal!!!! Just ask Ashlee!

- Just booked our room to stay the night after the concert! Not until June mother!

-Getting really hungry, but got to exercise first.

-Hoping I hear from the heating and cooling guy, my heat is out!

-Ashlee is really doing some typing right now, it sounds really neat!! I hope my typing sounds that neat to her!!!

-Can't think of nothing else to say, maybe tomorrow I will have some really inspirational thoughts!!!


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