Friday, January 13, 2012

Ole Bones

Coon hunting has become a routine conversation at our house these last few months. Carter watched the movie Where the Red Fern Grows, where little Billy Coleman worked and made himself some money and was able to buy him some Red Bone coon hounds! Well after that, Carter was won over.  He insisted he have a Red Bone.  So the search began and finally on a local sales website I found a coon hound, not a Red Bone, but a Walker. Chris and Carter tore out to Knoxville, TN about 4 hours from our house, to pick up our newest family member. And that is what he has become, a member of our family, meet Bones!!!

Carter loves him to death, he is the best natured dog and from what I hear he can put a coon in a tree pretty quick too!!!! Carter and Chris go almost every Friday night and at least once during the week.  I have never been coon hunting with them yet, however I do plan on going. Maddie says she will go when she gets age 5!!!!!


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