Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Random Mess

This week has been a crazy mess!!!  My kids are knee deep in baseball, t-ball and Maddie with dance and tumble! Crazy times, but oh so fun!!!

On Tuesday one of my very best friends' mom was killed in an auto accident.  My heart broke immediately when I  heard it.  Teresa and her mom were very close.  I visited with her that afternoon to comfort her and tell her that I am there for her if she needs anything.

Teresa and I
This weekend is the KY Derby!! I am usually so excited about it, but with the pending forecast of RAIN RAIN...URGH.... and thinking of Teresa, it just isn't there this year.  I did check out the horses and Orb seems to be the favorite and I will be rooting for GoldenScents, the horse is owned by Rick Pitino, for those of you that don't know, he is the head coach of the UofL Cardinals, National Champions and the only coach to win a NCAA title at 2 different schools!!! He is on a roll of winning so I feel like his horse can win it all as well!  However with rain in the forecast, the track will play a huge roll in it.  It will be muddy and sloppy!!!

Have a good Weekend!!!


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