Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Whatta a Weekend!!!

This weekend was a great one!!!! We went to Brimstone Recreation Area which is located in Huntsville, TN, (just across the KY/TN line).  Every Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend they have a big event called White Knuckle Event where side by sides, dirt bikes, 4-wheelers ride.  This year there was over 10,000 people there! Largest crowd ever!  On Friday night, it was just a little chilly!! We woke up on Saturday morning to temps in the mid 30s!!! On Saturday night wasn't too bad, however we slept in the truck HAHA!! I was thinking at first what have I done, recommending to do this since we could not stretch out our legs, but around 3am, it began to rain, so I was so glad that we did.  The tent life isn't much for me, however I can do it for a couple of nights, but not in 30 degree temps!

Here is a few, okay maybe several pictures of our weekend!

My home for the weekend!
Chris and I on the trail

Some of the units! Can you say MUDDY and then a complete 360 DUSTY! It was muddy in the woods, and dusty in the wide open.

On one of our stops, so pretty!

some of the trails

More trails...........Us going down a big rutted out hill

us again....can you say..I LOVE MUD!!! I was never so glad
to see mud after all that dust!
One little mishap!!! But he was still happy about it!!!

It is a laughing joke now that I take a Dora lunchbox with me on the rides. The first
time I went, I was needing something to put snacks, phone, camera, you know
essentials in and so I grabbed Dora and now all the girls are like did you bring Dora!!!

Kari and I at the Jamey Johnson concert!

On Monday I grilled some Ribeyes, cabbage, potatoes and a sweet onion. OMG, it was so good! I will have to run about 10 miles to account for all the calories I consumed this weekend!!! We got the pool open and the kids took a little dip this weekend, but didn't stay to long, the water is still very chilly, about 72 degrees! Hopefully by this weekend it will be warmer and they can play in it longer.

Cabbage and 3 Cheese potatoes. Click on the recipe tab for these recipes!!! You won't regret it!!!

I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!!! 

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CheapRunnerMichelle said...

Looks like it was a super fun weekend!