Monday, May 6, 2013

And They're Off......

Kentucky Derby 2013 will go down as one of the wettest Derby's ever and the 9th largest in attendance!  Yeah that is how important the Kentucky Derby is!  This weekend I was going through instagram and looking at some other bloggers I follow who live in Arkansas and Florida and they had their Derby hats on and was celebrating the day as well. I smiled and thought how neat that states all over celebrate and dress-up for the Kentucky Derby and how fortunate I am that it is in my back door and I am lucky enough to get attend!!!!

As always we have been planning our outfits and hats for weeks now.  But the anticipation just wasn't there to begin with this year.  Knowing that rain was in the forecast, I was kind of dreading it.  But Saturday morning rolled around and as I was getting ready, the excitement started to set in.  Especially when I put my hat on!  Jessica and JT came over and we made our pre-Derby pictures, the ONLY dry ones of the day!!  We stopped at Cracker Barrel for some breakfast on the way to Louisville.  We wore our hats inside and the waitresses were all stopping and asking if we were going to the Derby and complimenting us on our hats.

Loving the Muck boots in the corner, we decided we needed
to wear them instead of our heels!

Note, Muck boots again!!! It has been a very rainy, wet and muddy
May here in KY!!!
We packed our "emergency ponchos" and wore them all day long!!! It was more than an emergency!  But the way we looked at it was, we could have been ill, fussed, been miserable, but what good what it have done...NONE, might as well as smile go on and be happy.  There wasn't a thing we could have done about it!
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We are very thankful for plastic!!
the starting gate

The Derby Goers!!!!!!
There is always next year!  I am already excited to look for next years hat.  I know I want a pretty color next year.  Last year I wore black, this year was taupe, I want either a yellow, mint or pink!!!! Think I might go hat shopping this weekend and try to find some on sale!!!




You girls look gorgeous! I definitely want to go next year. Too bad the weather was so nasty though, at least you stayed dry!

Emily said...

You looked so cute! I also wore boots. I can't believe how wet it was! Hoping for better weather next year.