Friday, May 3, 2013


This week has been 100 days long!!!!  You might have guessed, yeah a long one!  Linking up with Lauren for H54F.  My top 5s from this week and a couple of pictures are from a year or longer ago, but have either been looked back on or an event that occured last year that is up and coming.

Here goes!!!!

Clockwise -  1. My half marathon finisher's medal 2. Chris, Jessica, me and JT our first year at the derby showing off our very Large winnings!!! We hit big!!!! 3. Jessica and I last year at the derby 4. My new baby kitties, 3 days old, the Mama had them in a flower pot and moved them under my gas grill!! no grilling for us for about 2 weeks!! 5.  Jessica's first celebrity meeting...Calvin Borrell at the Derby!!!

Have a good week!!! Don't forget to watch the fastest 2 minutes in sports entertainment , right here in My Old Kentucky Home!


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Susannah said...

Good for you on your half marathon! :-)