Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Long Time, No Write

Well Hello there!
I have been MIA, for very good reasons! Kiddos!!!! If you have kids you know exactly what I mean, especially if they are active in various activities.  Maddie has had her dance recital the last 2 nights and Carter had a ball game last night.  Thank goodness for grandparents, because they took Carter to his game while I was at the recital with Maddie.  Update on that later!!

Saturday we ran a 5K in Campbellsville at the Green River State Resort Park.  The race was called "I'm a Dam Runner" due to crossing the dam! This has probably one of my favorite races ever.  The course was super flat with just a small incline of a hill and the scenery was beautiful. Weather was perfect it was about 65 degrees and about half way through it began to mist rain, and it felt really nice! However hard on the hair!!! There was several people from our community that went and for some it was their first race ever! So proud of them for getting the courage to even sign up and participate.

My garmin said my time was 27:15, however the official times has not been posted yet.  I would have gotten 3rd place in my age group had they been rewarding 3 places, they only had 1st and 2nd, I am still raw over that one.  How I know you wonder, because I was about 5 steps behind the chick that got 2nd and had their been two more tenths of a mile I would have caught her!!! URGH!!!! This wasn't my fastest time, but I was still pleased, since it is only my second 5K of the year.  My Mom did get 2nd in her age group!! Woo Hoo GO Nana!!!  Carter placed at least 3 minutes ahead of me, I asked what the clock said as he crossed, his response "dunno", what was the placement on your card as you crossed the finish line "dunno" so who knows!! All I know is he beat me!!! I failed to look at the clock as I crossed because I was looking at my Garmin.
after the race with Carter and my Mom

My Road Dog!!! She was beast and pushed a stroller!!

With our wild and crazy crew!! Her son, ran his first 5K, huge accomplishment
for him, ran in 40 minutes!!! And little Priss rode in the stroller.

Some of the participants from our town.

Carter and his buddy!!!!
 ****official time 26:50*****


icecreamtomarathon said...

Awesome job! You're so fast! :)
Too bad they didn't have 3rd place awards. I've heard a lot about that race, sounds like fun!

Courtney said...

Oh I love race pics! Makes me want to run:) Way to go!