Monday, March 26, 2012

Blog Love

Happy Monday to ya!!

I have had a wonderful weekend!!! On Saturday I went for a great run, 3.2 miles and quite hilly one at that!!! Saturday night, I cooked on the grill and then we watched Footloose, yes I am the only one who hadn't seen it yet!! I liked it but I have to confess I like the first one better!  Sunday after church, Chris and I and the kids went to Chuck E Cheese!!! I love it! Chris and I had a very heated skee ball game!!!

Also Ashlee (who is now a dot com, it is more fun when you sing it dotttt commmmmmm haha) made me a new button!!! Blog Love, check it out!!! It is the all the blogs that I read and love that have buttons.  For those who don't know what I am talking about, it is a direct link to their blogs! Check'em out and show them so blog love!!!



Ashlee :) said...

I LOVE the new Footloose. I can't wait to finally own it (one day)! So proud of you & your run this weekend!! Glad you love you new blog love button! Can't wait to start creating you more tabs. Might have to start tonite!

Sarah said...

I really need to see the new Footloose.... I didnt get to run all weekend.... thats a story in its self and Im not going to get to blog at all today because I had a sales meeting this morning and I have a massive test tomorrow... :) Never Fear ill be back tomorrow for Tone Up Tuesday!

I Love your new blog love button AND I am so happy you put me on your Blog Love!!! Thanks Girl!!!

Erica said...

Well sister....your not the only one who hadn't seen the new Footloose! I haven't either! Of course you are not surprised at that! HA HA!! I would like to see it sometime between now and the next century. :)