Friday, March 30, 2012

What about the other 2

If you didn't know tomorrow night the state of Kentucky will be at a Civil War with itself.  The University of Kentucky and the Louisville Cardinals play each other in the Final Four NCAA Tournament.  However there are two other teams playing as well, Kansas and Ohio St. If you have watched any news broadcast, ESPN, ABC, CBS, etc all you hear about is the great rivalry between UK and UL.  I am very happy for both of the KY teams, it is great that as small as a state that we are that we still have 2 of the 4 teams left in the tournament!!!  But the other two teams worked just as hard as the two KY teams.  I kind of feel sorry for them, because they have not received the media coverage as they deserve.  All the hype is over the great rivalry, and it is intensified even more being the Final Four.

I will be watching the game along with EVERYONE else in the great Bluegrass State and rooting for my team. My house is divided, so it can get pretty tense.  I am blue all the way, my husband is red, however I will cheer for UL when they are not playing KY as I will any KY team, him not so much!!!

SO I will cheer go KY, that should cover them both, however 99% of that people knows that means CATS!!!

I am training Maddie that BLUE is better!!!

Carter rides the pine, his Daddy is CARDS all the way and his
Momma and both grandpas are BLUE all the way, so he compromises.
UK shirt and UL hat!!!!!! Gotta love him!!!



Sarah said...

Bless your heart having to live in a house with a Cardnial fan... JK. GO CATS!

Melissa W. said...

you should check out my blog today to see who is the winner of all of this March Madness -