Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Random Kind of Day

First of all this post is really random, I mean really random!!!!!

Did you see the sunrise this morning, it was beautiful!!! I was fixing our calf's bottle and while standing in the kitchen the sun was coming up and I thought how gorgeous!!!!

Went for a nice run today, it is really humid today. Not sure how much more I can run outside when it gets much warmer. I guess I will be back to the treadmill or when school is out I can run in the evenings, when my afternoons aren't so full with homework, studying and baths with the kids.  Erica and Ashlee joined me today.  Ashlee was all turtlefied and Erica is starting to run some!!! Woo Hoo go Erica!!!

Ashlee and I had a very sweet visitor today, Sarah from Crazy Beautiful Life, dropped by to pay us a little visit and was so nice to let us pick out some jewelry that she made herself!!! She is very talented and  her jewelry is very cute. She said she may set up an Etsy shop, but until then, drop by her blog and check out some of her jewelry.

Tonight we have nothing on the agenda and it feels so good!!!!



Sarah said...

Thanks so much. You're too sweet!!

Ashlee :) said...

Ashlee = Turtle! Yes!! That sunrise is beautiful. Guess Carter didn't make it to feed the calf this am? Love my jewelry I picked out!! Can't wait to post about it.

Melissa W. said...

Random posts are the best!!

...and I see you've recently started running. Are you still loving it?

Kelly Jo said...

To Melissa W. .......Yes I am!!! Actually I just got back from a 3.3 mile run!! It makes me feel so refreshed, its good for the mind and soul!!!! Thanks!!!!