Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My New Button!

Happy Hump Day!!! "Doing the Hump"!!!! Remember that song, I always loved it!!!
Okay after posting this post, I am having to do an edit, because my much younger co-worker, ahem Ashlee, has never heard of this song, so here ya go!!! Humpty Dance

So my talented, sweet, generous, and sick (yeah she is over here snottin' and sneezin") friend Ashlee made me this oh so ever cute button for my page!! How cute is this!!! I am loving the Chevron design!! So grab one and post it!!!!


Just copy the code under the button, go to design on blogger and click ad a gadget, and then paste under html!!!! That's it!!!!
2 more days till the weekend!!!!!



Ashlee :) said...

Loooove the button! I can't wait to make more. It wasn't too hard either!

Sarah said...

Love love love the button.... I need to get one! Not crafty like that at all....

christine donee said...

love it!